Bob Long

He is tenderly, profoundly missed.

Bob Long, born February 9, 1944, passed away peacefully in his Sylvan Beach home on Friday the 13th of October.

Bob was gifted. An optimistic, charismatic talent in baking, dancing, skateboarding, friend-making, and parenting. He invited you to join the party. Being around him promised delight: impromptu karaoke, tap dancing to jukebox records, beach bonfires, philosophical dialogue, novelty toys, and the most delicious cake you’ve ever tried made in his toaster oven. He encouraged livening things up. He demonstrated how easy it is to simply enjoy yourself, and how by doing so,you multiply joy for the people you love.

Baking was an art form that drew people to him. His flair for fun in any task—from dishwashing to dough rolling—made his bakery a once-in-a-lifetime oasis for community. His namesake Bob’s Burgers (whole wheat croissant dough, sundried tomato, cheese, olives, topped with pumpkin seeds); cinnamon rolls (with raisins, orange zest icing); fruit danishes (cherry, blueberry, apple); and maple bars (classic, delicious) brought people together for more than 20 years at Bob’s Bakery.

His positive outlook was steady and genuine. He wanted his people to feel deeply cared for. His yellow beach house held space for Bob’s friends and friends of friends. He welcomed spontaneous drop-ins from his grandchildren. He hosted Super Bowl parties, raucous holiday dinners, and birthdays. He enjoyed solitude on the sun deck. He watched and named the birds and always knew the tides. His only child entered the world in this home, and Bob would later leave it from the same light-filled room, perched above the Sound.

Once you start cataloging Bob’s extraordinary qualities—impossible, infinite—you feel the immensity of his loss. He is tenderly, profoundly missed. But his buoyancy, his humility, and his limitless capacity to see the bright side and share that warmth with you are carried forward by those who knew him in tribute to a well-loved life.