Rande Stevens, nee Sarah Dawn Comstock

December 22, 1968 — June 29, 2022

Sarah Dawn Comstock Stevens, also known as “Rande,” passed away, on or about June 29, 2022.

She was born December 22, 1968, in Toppenish, Washington, and was almost immediately adopted by Judith and Douglas Comstock on Jan. 3, 1969.

Rande was proud of her Native American heritage. She shared ancestry with the Yakama Indian tribe, and she was enrolled with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians where her birth grandfather was a member.

Rande had successful moments in finishing school and staying involved with her family. She had a good sense of humor and loved to cook. She enjoyed collecting recipes from books and TV shows. She was a very social person, forming connections throughout the island. She was always very vocal with her opinions. Community members mentioned that she had musical interests including classical music. She also loved bands like The Doors, The Cure, and My Chemical Romance.

She also was a person who struggled with alcohol addiction and a person who experienced homelessness several times. Sarah leaves behind her four children, Alexander, Brandon, Summer and Jadzia.

A memorial held on Sunday, July 10, outside at Vashon Presbyterian Church, was attended by many of her friends and family members.

Currently, funds are being raised by Hilary Emmer, on behalf of the Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness, to pay the expenses of her final arrangements at Island Funeral Service.

To donate, send contributions to IFCH, PO Box 330, Vashon WA 98070, or visit ifchvashon.org to give online. Clearly mark your giving in the check memo or online space as being “For Rande.”