Dock should be replaced, not retrofitted

I agree with most of Craig Klinkam’s editorial about the Tramp Harbor dock. As he points out, it has historical value and is the only deep water dock left on the island other than the two ferry docks. In addition, before it was closed it was the only dock left available to the public for fishing.

However, I don’t agree with his suggestion that the existing dock be retrofitted. It probably could be cobbled together after considerable expense for design, permitting, and construction. Then it would have to be replaced after a few years.

In the long term, it will be necessary to remove the creosote piles, remediate the sediment contamination and replace the dock. This will probably cost a few million dollars, but I think the state can afford it. Otherwise, we can watch a fenced off dock fall apart until someone tears it down.

— Henry Perrin