It’s time to unify for the November election

My choice is clear. With my one vote, I will be considerate of others.

  • Saturday, June 27, 2020 4:32pm
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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

I will vote for the Democratic Presidential nominee and help that person become elected.

I will do this because I believe democracy, honesty, respect and equality are the only foundations upon which a truly capable, innovative and collaborative society can be built. Because we must reverse this Administration’s callous disregard of the multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-generational outcry for racial justice most recently prompted by the murder of George Floyd and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. I will do more than hope we elect the Democratic nominee. I will also work to advance racial justice in the interest of achieving justice for all. Only when we create opportunities for everyone will we become truly exceptional.

I will vote for the Democratic Presidential nominee because I am a third-generation immigrant who believes we should not block our doors to others arriving here for a better life. Because I care about vulnerable immigrant children whom this Administration puts in cages. Because the words on the Statue of Liberty are fundamental to our evolving culture which holds the highest promise of greatness for our nation.

Because it is urgent that we turn the tide on climate destruction. Bird counts are down 30% in the last 50 years. Pollinators are dying from the toxins this Administration is pouring into the air we breathe and the water we drink. My vote will curtail the sixth great extinction which this Administration’s policies will ensure.

Because we know, after seven decades of the post-World War II alliance of democratic nations, that the world is most stable when democracies stand together. I won’t idly watch our international relations be discarded in favor of siding with dictators.

Because I want our country to join the rest of the world’s nations that guarantee adequate and affordable healthcare for all our people. We now see, up close, the carnage that results when healthcare is denied. Lies that falsely raise the hope of healthcare for all, told by this Administration, must be condemned to the past.

Because I want an Administration that honors the right of women to choose. I cannot abide by contributing to the removal of this freedom. Women must be fully entitled to determine when they are able to provide the best opportunity to raise children.

Because I refuse to stand idly by as gun safety is ignored, leaving children to fear for their lives as our schools teach active shooter protocol.

Because our leaders should have a moral compass. Because honesty matters. Consistency matters. Intellect matters. Logic matters. Dedication to the principles and heritage of the office matters. Because of the commitment to serve all the people of our nation matters.

This November my vote is not about me. My gender, age and color give me privilege that others do not share. I am unlikely to die as a consequence of this Administration’s policies. But as we know, over a hundred and twenty thousand of the less fortunate already have due to a disastrous public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. How many others have died from increased toxins and pollution? From lack of healthcare? From a failure of economic opportunity? From excessive force by police in uniform?

I do not have the luxury of allowing the current Administration to remain in power just because the Democratic Presidential nominee “isn’t quite right”, or offends some part of my world view. On November 3 only two people on the ballot have the potential to be elected to lead the country for another four years. Only one of them deserves that honor.

My choice is clear. With my one vote, I will be considerate of others. Considerate of those who without my support will continue to suffer if this Administration continues. Considerate of the environment, clean air and clean water that would otherwise bear additional damage. Considerate of those with pre-existing conditions, who would lose their healthcare and possibly their lives under the policies of this Administration. Considerate of our nation standing as the strongest light of democracy for oppressed peoples.

I will cast my one vote for the person who will protect our people, our democracy and our environment. I will support that candidate with all my heart and energy. Because I won’t turn my back on those who don’t share my privilege. Because democracy needs to endure over authoritarianism, dictatorship, corruption and oppression.

Because I care.

Kevin Jones ( is with Indivisible Vashon, which is a member of the Vashon Progressive Alliance and the Washington Indivisible Network.

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