Make your mailboxes colorful

Every summer as I drive around the island, I see lines of drab, dirty silver or black mailboxes. It is time to add color and joy to our roads.

Before the rains return, consider painting your mailbox. You could paint it yellow or orange or blue or red. For the more adventuresome, paint a tree, your favorite bird or stripes. Maybe you would like to spend an hour with your child and together paint your mailbox. It would be an art project that gives and gives.

Either way, when people are trying to find your house, you can say, ”Look for the mailbox with the bird on it,” or, “Look for the bright yellow mailbox.” Walkers, cyclists and our mail carriers will enjoy their time on the road much more because of your simple and fun September art project.

As for me, I love driving by the white chicken mailbox on the highway north of town. It makes me smile.

To find me, look for the red mailbox with the green polka dots. It’s in the same bunch with the sunflowers and the owls. Our corner has three colorful mailboxes. How about you?

— Beth White

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