Airport dispute blown out of proportion

I’d like to commend editor Leslie Brown for her even-handed coverage of the controversy at the Island’s airport (“Stormy weather hits Vashon’s quiet airport,” June 24).

Charter change gives us a chance to protect county’s rural gems

Our region is filled with majestic places. As two kids growing up in King County, we experienced the trails and backcountry of Washington as our playground, shaping who we are and what we value. Though we both ventured afar to pursue academic and professional opportunities, we could not escape the hold of this region’s natural beauty and its access to open space. It played a prominent role in each of our decisions to return to King County.

  • Jul 7, 2009
Calen Winn

Drama Dock gets set for a summer musical

Drama Dock is putting the finishing touches on a new production — a celebrated Broadway musical with an odd and edgy title.

Calen Winn

Editorial: A healthy dose of caution can keep the Fourth safe

The Fourth of July can be a tough holiday for some Island residents.

  • Jun 30, 2009

Our Puget Sound ecosystem is a special place, altered by Scotch broom

Puget Sound is a forested place. It is a forested place because the trees and other forest plants have adapted over the ages to the unique soils and climate that make up the growing environment of this place. The wild species of Puget Sound — from soil microbes to deer, goldfinches, eagles, salmon and orca whales — have in turn grown up with the forests and other natural communities of this part of the world. Together, these plants and animals — this biological signature — say very emphatically: HERE. This place right HERE. There is no other place on Earth like it.

It’s summer — break out the white bucks and floating docks

You may have noticed that summer has arrived. This, of course, means three things.

It takes a village to support our elders, too

How many times over the past years have you heard, “It takes a village to raise a child”? And we know it’s true and it works, especially on Vashon with its caring and inclusive environment. But did you know that the same village is needed to care for our elders and that essentially the same ratio of caregivers is required for both ends of the age spectrum?

K2’s history tells a rich story of our not-so-distant past

My sweet godmother Pat Wittman, the first proudly Irish person I ever knew, died last week after a long illness, and so I found myself making an impromptu trek to Idaho to help my cousins and the rest of our big family lay her to rest.

As flowers bloom, consider their benefits

Northwest plants: Some that are ripe now are good for body and soul.

  • Jun 16, 2009

Loving family members, their quirks and all

Life's Mysteries

  • Jun 16, 2009

Coaching makes for a lifetime of memories

Growing Up on Vashon

  • Jun 16, 2009

Let’s seize chance to create arts center

By Scarlet Foster-MossVashon Allied Arts’ announcement that the arts organization is a recipient of a $1.15 million dollar grant as part of the state’s Building… Continue reading

  • Jun 16, 2009
The McFeeds building was once a bustling garage.

More discussion about arts campus is needed

In last week’s Beachcomber, Islander Roy McMakin suggested that Vashon Allied Arts provide greater transparency and community involvement regarding the arts campus it hopes to build at the corner of Cemetery Road and Vashon Highway, a visually historic Island intersection. I, too, think some discussion and debate about the future of that corner is in order — although it is with some trepidation that I write this, since I served on the VAA board that hired director Molly Reed and continue to be a huge supporter of Island artists.

  • Jun 9, 2009
The McFeeds building was once a bustling garage.

Editorial: The Beachcomber offers up an array of special inserts

Every year, The Beachcomber publishes what we affectionately refer to as “special sections,” inserts that deliver up helpful listings, guides or other offerings that we think give our readers a deeper appreciation for life on the Rock.

  • Jun 9, 2009

Vashon’s schools are richer and more diverse thanks to commuter students

Anyone who rides the 7:15 north end ferry on a weekday morning has seen the swarm of bleary-eyed kids getting off the boat and packing themselves into two waiting school buses headed for Vashon High School and McMurray Middle School.

Editorial: Library decision shines a fine light on Vashon

The decision by the King County Library System’s Board of Trustees directing library staff to negotiate a new lease so that the branch can remain at Ober Park is a testament to the power of a grassroots citizens’ movement.

  • Jun 2, 2009

K2 site could become a college for students with learning disabilities

Here’s an idea for K2 that would bring good service sector jobs, academic professionals, retail and restaurant customers, economic, infrastructure and cultural amenities to Vashon — and would not change the character of the Island.

  • Jun 2, 2009

Water district’s proposal could help customers and ease the waiting list

The board of commissioners of Water District 19 is considering a policy change that would allow a few residential customers to supply both their main residence and an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) with one water service unit (share) if certain water-saving requirements are met. Presently a customer needs two water service units — one for the principal residence and one for the ADU (sometimes referred to as a mother-in-law or granny suite).

Editorial: Beachcomber changes format, enters a new era

It’s a new day at The Beachcomber.

  • May 26, 2009