Vashon Schools Foundation: Welcome Back to School!

I am grateful for the strong foundation this community offers to our kids. Our schools are a big part of that.

The class of 2036 has begun kindergarten at Chautauqua Elementary and the class of 2024 has begun their senior year at Vashon High School.

I’m certain there were some parents in this community who blinked back tears this past week. Our years in school are such a marker of time!

During this back-to-school season, I am keenly aware of the gifts my two children, now grown, received growing up in this embracing community and attending our wonderful schools. In their early years, we were so consumed by all the busyness of their school and sports schedules, driving to and from, lunch-making, and homework minding, that it was hard to see beyond the day-to-day.

All of a sudden, they are grown, and making their own choices.

I treasure hearing about what their classmates and friends are up to. It is so satisfying to learn about the wonderful adventures and accomplishments our island kids are now part of, both on-island and out in the world. They are finding their own paths.

I am so grateful for the strong foundation this community offers to our kids. Our schools are a big part of that.

This fall, the Vashon Schools Foundation is asking all school families — and parents of graduates too — to commit to a monthly gift to support the programs and classes that help make our schools great.

Become a G.E.M. (Giving Every Month) by setting up a recurring donation to provide continuous support throughout the year. My family’s monthly gift to the Vashon Schools Foundation is made in gratitude for all the years of care and dedication from the educators who made my kids’ education so rich. Please join me in giving.

To become a G.E.M. simply choose an amount to give each month, and watch your generosity work its magic — no need to remember deadlines or make manual donations. And don’t forget to check your employer’s match program to watch your gift go even further!

  • Donate through our website:
  • Mail your donation check to: VSF, P.O. Box 481, Vashon, WA 98070
  • Set up an automatic monthly transfer from your bank account.

Vashon Schools Foundation (VSF) was founded on the belief that a strong school district makes a strong community with well-equipped, empowered youth. While reflecting on how we can additionally meet the needs of our schools through the persistent funding gap created by insufficient government support, we are once again including salary support for staff and teachers in our grantmaking.

This expansion will allow us to be more flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our community and maintain the incredible education we have come to count on for Vashon’s students.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Mary Margaret Briggs is the treasurer of the Vashon Schools Foundation’s board of directors.