CoolEase Reviews – Real Cool Ease Pain Relief Formula or Fake Hoax?

Are you a senior suffering from muscular and joint pain? Chances are your doctor prescribed you painkillers like hydrocodone, oxycodone, or morphine to manage your pain symptoms. The problem with these drugs is that they have a high chance of leaving you addicted to them.

These drugs act on opioid receptors in the body and brain, creating the pain-relieving effect. Unfortunately, your body builds a tolerance to these drugs, requiring you to take more and more of them to experience the same level of pain relief.

NSAIDs are commonly prescribed to reduce joint swelling, removing the edema caused by increased fluid in the area. However, these OTC drugs can shred your liver and kidneys, leading to dangerous health complications.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ditch the drugs and find a natural pathway to pain relief? CoolEase promises a way to beat your pain symptoms, improving your range of motion, mobility, and quality of life.

Introducing CoolEase – The Solution to Aching Joints & Stiff Muscles

Tom Harris is a US Navy veteran who experienced injuries during his time in the service that ruined his mobility. He spent years looking for a natural solution to his pain, and he achieved his goal after meeting Dr. Brad.

Dr. Brad told Tom that the root cause of his pain symptoms was an imbalance in pH levels in the body. The human body requires a neutral pH to maintain optimal function. However, injuries and the onset of systemic inflammation caused by these events turn the body acidic, resulting in the faster spread of systemic inflammation and the onset of pain symptoms in muscles and joints.

Inflammation affects blood circulation in the body, making it acidic. Removing inflammatory cytokines from the body improves circulation and alleviates pain symptoms. As blood flow improves, more oxygen gets to the joints and muscles, improving your mobility and range of motion while lowering pain symptoms.

CoolEase improves blood flow by reducing inflammation. It achieves this by shuttling polyphenol antioxidants into the skin and bloodstream. Antioxidants clear the inflammatory cytokines in the joints that are the root cause of the pain and swelling you experience.

Using CoolEase every day boosts levels of these potent pain-relieving antioxidants, giving you a better range of motion in your joints and enhancing your mobility. CoolEase can help you overcome the pain and swelling associated with age-related muscle and skeletal disorders, such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

It’s also ideal for athletes looking to fast-track their recovery from injuries, returning them to training and competition. CoolEase promises you a pain-free life without the need for dangerous drugs to help you manage your condition.

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What are the Pain-Relieving Ingredients in CoolEase?

CoolEase features formulation with five ingredients clinically proven to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms in human physiology.


Arnica Montana Flower Extract

This natural extract is the foundation of the CoolEase formula. It has a 600-year history of use in Eastern Europe as a pain-relieving topical ointment for relieving pain symptoms in stiff and sore muscles and joints.

The polyphenols in Arnica Montana, improve circulation and blood cell volume, delivering oxygenated blood to the muscular and skeletal system to relieve pain symptoms.

Vitamin E

The antioxidant properties of vitamin E enhance your skin quality, creating an anti-aging effect. Vitamin E is the most abundant lipid-soluble antioxidant in the body and is vital in healing muscles and ligaments.

It lowers acidity levels in your physiology, reducing inflammation and its systemic spread to joints and muscles. Vitamin E has a potent antioxidant effect on the muscular system, easing muscle cramps by repairing damaged cell membranes.

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Sunflower Oil

This beneficial oil features linoleic acid, offering your skeletal and muscular systems powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the presence of inflammatory cytokines in the joints and muscles that cause pain symptoms.

You’ll experience a reduction in aches and pain associated with conditions like arthritis and muscle sprains. It also hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and toned.


This natural cooling agent makes your skin feel refreshed when applying CoolEase. You’ll experience an immediate soothing effect when using the gel as the polyphenols in the menthol open the vascular pathways in muscles and ligaments.

Menthol polyphenols have a pain-relieving effect that gets to work in seconds, improving your range of motion in your joints and enhancing your mobility. It enhances circulation, flooding the muscles and bones with more oxygen.

Aloe Vera

This natural moisturizing formula has a long history of use in traditional medicine. It features powerful hydrating qualities that nourish and protect the skin, removing dryness. The polyphenols in aloe vera provide antimicrobial properties that protect the skin against infection.

Aloe vera delivers an analgesic effect to the cells and boosts cellular energy production in the mitochondria to improve energy output and relieve inflammation.

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Manufactured to International Quality & Safety Standards

Every batch of CoolEase analgesic gel comes from an FDA-approved cGMP facility in the United States. The company utilizes third-party laboratories to test every ingredient in the formula to ensure purity and efficacy. You get a high-quality pain-relieving gel with no cross-contamination of ingredients and no pharmaceuticals, just real results you can rely on for pain relief.

How Do I Use CoolEase & What Results Can I Expect?

CoolEase is a topical gel formula designed for rapid absorption through the skin into the bloodstream. Take a few fingertips of this gel and rub it into the affected area where you feel pain. It takes a few seconds to do this in the morning after showering.

Ensure you apply the cream after taking a bath or a shower. Or give the topical gel at least 20 minutes to fully absorb into your skin before getting your body wet. This pain-relieving gel works almost instantly. You’ll feel a cooling effect on your skin as the menthol absorbs into your pores.

The pain fades away, and you experience a better range of motion in your joints, enhancing your mobility within a minute or two of applying the gel. Typically, you’ll experience pain relief for up to 12 hours. Still, it may depend on the extent of your pain symptoms and the injury or damage incurred to the muscular or skeletal system.

CoolEase has no addictive properties, so it’s safe to use as often as you like during the day. Rub some into the affected area first thing in the morning and during midday. You’ll find it easier to go about your daily duties pain-free.

Rub some more into your skin for 30 minutes before going to bed. The non-greasy formulation of CoolEase won’t stain your sheets. By using CoolEase before bed, you’ll find it easier to get comfortable, improving your sleep quality. There’s no more tossing and turning in bed, trying to find a comfortable position.

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CoolEase – Pros & Cons


  • Experience fast pain relief.
  • Works for skeletal and muscular pain symptoms.
  • Easy to apply with rapid absorption.
  • Break dependency on pain medications and NSAIDs.
  • Get great savings with bundle deals.


  • Limited-time special promotion.
  • Limited stocks are available.
  • Not available on Amazon or in supplement stores.

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All orders ship from the warehouse 24 to 48 hours after receiving your order confirmation. You’ll receive your CoolEase in four to seven business days, depending on your location in the United States.

CoolEase offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you’re not thrilled with the pain-relieving effect of this topical gel, send your tubs back and receive a full refund. What do you have to lose? You get a risk-free trial of this amazing analgesic gel with guaranteed results. Order your six-bottle bundle today.

You can reach them at support@premvitality.com

If you would like to speak directly to one of their customer support representatives, please email directly at support@premvitality.com or call 1-888-308-8896

CoolEase – FAQ

Q: How many tubs of CoolEase should I order?

A: Why not jump into the deep end and order the six-tub bundle of CoolEase? 97% of customers choose this option because of the huge cost savings and the money-back guarantee. You get a two-month risk-free trial of this potent analgesic formula and enough time to assess the results yourself.

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Q: Is the CoolEase formula backed by scientific research?

A: Yes. The CoolEase formula is based on scientific research published by leading medical research institutions like The University of Madrid, the University of Chicago, and Oxford University. You get a pain-relief transdermal gel clinically proven to relieve skeletal and muscular pain in seconds.

Q: What kind of chronic pain does CoolEase resolve?

A: CoolEase specifically targets pain receptors in the skeletal and muscular system. Its analgesic properties help people manage pain symptoms resulting from chronic health disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s also great for treating muscular pain from sprains and strains. You get immediate relief and a huge improvement in your well-being and quality of life from the first time you use CoolEase.

Q: What are people saying about their results with CoolEase?

A: Visit the official CoolEase website, and you’ll see testimonials from dozens of verified users discussing the outstanding pain-relieving effect of CoolEase on their quality of life. 114,876 people are already experiencing pain relief from CoolEase. Become the next success story and order your six-tub bundle of CoolEase today.

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Q: Is CoolEase as effective as painkillers or NSAIDs?

A: Yes. If you’ve experienced pain symptoms causing you to seek relief with pharmaceuticals, CoolEase could work for you. These drugs are damaging to your liver and kidneys, and they have habit-forming properties that leave you hopelessly dependent on them to maintain your well-being. CoolEase can replace the use of medications to manage muscular and skeletal pain. You get fast relief and the chance to end your need for drugs to stop your pain symptoms.


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