Operation Blackout Reviews – Survival Guide Worth Having or Waste of Money?

While it’s a good thing to live in the present, certain unforeseen circumstances demand proper psychological preparedness. Such disasters don’t come with a warning, they just fall on you, and you have no choice but to face them like a warrior. And the Operation Blackout survival program is here to help you emerge like one!

Operation Blackout is not just a survival guide but it’s an awakening call! Teddy Daniels, a retired police officer and soldier, has a great understanding of how complex the societal structure is. Throughout his life, he has been acquainted with some shocking facts that will amaze you too.

Teddy believes that our rival nations are planning to drop an electronic nuclear weapon on American land which can lead to an extended blackout. This is why he decided to pen a comprehensive survival guide that boosts emergency preparedness among people and prepares them for blackout events.

But Operation Blackout is not just a survival guide; it’s more than that! That is exactly what we aspire to explain in this Operation Blackout review. From resource management to establishing communication networks, the list of benefits is immense! In this article, we will also dive into Operation Blackout reviews to understand the readers’ experience.

Before we get into the details, let us first start with a quick summary of the guide:


Survival Guides

Product Name:

Operation Blackout

Price of Operation Blackout:

$67 (Official Website)


Teddy Daniels

Available Formats:

Physical copy and ebook

Advantages of Operation Blackout:

  • Enlightens you on various survival techniques
  • Teaches effective resource management
  • Prepares you for blackout scenarios


  • The Invisible Survival Garden
  • How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress

Refund Policy:

Operation Blackout offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews:

Operation Blackout reviews are generally positive. (Read real customer reviews!)

Diving Deeper Into The Operation Blackout Survival Program

Here are some more things to know before we delve into other aspects of our Operation Blackout review.

What makes us trust this survival program’s robust functionality is its claim to help you survive a 365-day prolonged blackout effectively. Among other features of Operation Blackout, it mostly aspires to safeguard you against a potential HEMP (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) attack.

A destructive attack like this can cause extended power outages and disrupt even the most reliable internet connections. As such, what do naive citizens like you and I do? Amidst this chaos, how do we survive the entire blackout process?

That is where Operation Blackout comes in! This survival program is a collaborative effort of various groups including the government, emergency management agencies, competent volunteers, utility suppliers, and more. Talking about volunteers, the Operation Blackout training program can even qualify you for assisting emergency response teams.

This eBook is not like your regular ones. It’s real and everyone needs to read it! Do you wonder who would’ve come up with this genius idea?

Well, let’s see.

Who Came Up With Operation Blackout?

Teddy Daniels is the embodiment of bravery and resilience. The mastermind behind the genius Operation Blackout program is no one but him!

To give you a glimpse of his story, Teddy was a proud investigator of the Baltimore Police Department. He has shown great dedication throughout his service and this didn’t stop at his city’s perimeters. After serving in the Baltimore Police Department, he moved to the U.S. troops where Teddy served as an infantryman.

It was in 2011-2012 when Teddy Daniels exhibited outstanding bravery. Even after almost losing a leg and facing a series of horrifying events, he managed to offer a window of safety to his fellow warriors. Quite a commendable journey, isn’t it?

His real-life experiences have led Teddy to share a deep concern for his country and fellow citizens who may be under the threat of a HEMP (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. We are sure you have a lot of questions popping up in your head right now, so don’t worry, we’ll get into each one of them. Let’s dive deeper into Teddy’s road towards Operation Blackout.

Why Did Teddy Daniels Create This Guide?

Operation Blackout-Teddy Daniels is a long story. In his perspective, the biggest threat that the USA faces today isn’t environmental changes or resource management. However, it is the two rival nations, China and Russia.

Teddy Daniels is of the strong viewpoint that these two major global players are planning to break America by unleashing an electronic nuclear weapon and causing a series of blackout events. This HEMP attack can potentially shatter American land and cause a large number of deaths.

As such, Teddy Daniels’ Operation Blackout strives to come to everyone’s rescue. Teddy wishes to equip every individual with emergency preparedness so they don’t have to fear anything, not even a HEMP attack. He doesn’t want his fellow citizens to ever feel powerless and through the Operation Blackout program, he wishes to train you all for a 365-day period of gloom.

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A Potential Year-Long Blackout: How Can Operation Blackout Help You?

Operation Blackout works through a meticulous approach to help people survive the aftermath of a dreadful HEMP attack. It even helps you implement Air Force One survival techniques that can make the entire blackout process a bit easier to endure.

The good part is that it is quite convenient to adapt Operation Blackout strategies and execute them when the time comes. Here is everything that the program includes to help you overcome blackout scenarios:

Components And Benefits Of Operation Blackout

From instant actions to long-term survival strategies, Teddy Daniels’ Operation Blackout works in various ways to help you combat a prolonged blackout effectively. Let’s see what all this comprehensive survival guide includes:

The Dreadful Initial Hours

Operation Blackout aims to enlighten people on the significance of the first hour of attack. Operation Blackout offers numerous survival techniques that one should take within this period to maintain safety.

Establishing Effective Communication Networks

At times of prolonged blackout when there is negligible or limited internet access, Operation Blackout assists in establishing dedicated communication networks to ensure that people can stay connected in times of need.

It also protects your electronic devices against harmful pulses, ensuring their functionality. As such, Operation Blackout recognizes the need to build reliable internet connections so you can continue to check up on your family and friends and maintain mental well-being.

Implementing Home Security Measures

Operation Blackout acknowledges the need for home protection. For effective blackout management, teaches you protective measures and ensures proper psychological preparedness to safeguard your home against potential robberies, thefts, etc.

Emergency Medical Care

When essential services are limited, it can be hard to manage your medical needs. Operation Blackout strives to enlighten you on effective techniques of emergency medical care to take care of yourself and your family. Through these medical care tips, you can stay assured of overcoming difficult times.

Minimize Resource Depletion

Operation Blackout recognizes the need for effective resource management since there is barely any access to emergency services. Through its blackout procedures, you will be able to stockpile various kinds of food items while minimizing resource depletion whether it’s food, water, or electricity.

Where Can You Buy Operation Blackout?

You can buy Operation Blackout only through their official website. The makers have decided to steer clear of any third-party sellers to maintain their authenticity standards. They have made sure that the readers get access to the true and exclusive Operation Blackout survival guide without worrying about any counterfeits.

Is Operation Blackout Too Costly?

The Operation Blackout survival guide is available at quite a reasonable price given what it offers to you. You only have to make a one-time payment of $67 and guess what? It includes free shipping!

Moreover, for this price, you are getting not one but three guides! Yes, you heard that right. Operation Blackout comes with two bonus products that we will elaborate on in the next section.

Do The Makers of Operation Blackout Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

This comprehensive program is almost a risk-free purchase. Why do we say that?

Well, thanks to their 60-day money-back guarantee, readers will have two whole months to read and test out the effectiveness of the guide. If you aren’t quite amazed by the survival strategies, you can simply reach out to the Operation Blackout team and ask for a refund. This shows that the creators truly prioritize the satisfaction and faith of their customers.

What Are The Components Inside Operation Blackout?

In the face of looming threats and potential chaos, Operation Blackout equips you with a comprehensive arsenal of knowledge and strategies to ensure your survival during a blackout situation.

Let’s delve into the crucial components of this survival guide that are designed to keep you and your family safe, informed, and prepared.

Step-by-Step Guide and Specific Tips for Home Protection

Operation Blackout provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to fortify your home against potential threats. Drawing upon secret techniques used by the Air Force and other forces, the guide equips you with specific tips to safeguard your home and electronic devices. From creating a power generator to implementing Air Force One secret techniques, this section ensures your immediate environment is secure.

Essential Food Supply and Infinite Hydration

In a blackout scenario lasting 365 days, having a reliable food and water supply is paramount. Operation Blackout offers a meticulously curated list of 101 non-perishable food items to sustain you and your family throughout the blackout period.

Additionally, the program unveils an Infinite Hydration secret, ensuring you can reduce the risk of dehydration and stay healthy even when regular water sources are compromised.

Action Steps and Preemptive Measures

In the tumultuous aftermath of a nuclear attack, every moment counts. Operation Blackout meticulously outlines essential action steps to be taken during the blackout period. From securing your home to coordinating with neighbors for collective safety, the guide offers a comprehensive plan.

Emphasizing the urgency of preemptive action, it details how immediate steps such as fortifying your surroundings, gathering essential supplies, and establishing communication networks can significantly increase your family’s chances of survival.

By understanding and following these strategic steps, you minimize risks, maintain order, and ensure the well-being of your loved ones in the face of uncertainty.

New “Blackout Currency” and Economic Navigation

In a world where traditional currencies may crumble, Operation Blackout introduces the concept of “Blackout Currency.” This alternative economic system is designed to help you navigate the post-blackout landscape effectively.

Understanding the value of goods and services in this new currency becomes crucial for trade and sustenance. By adapting to this innovative economic paradigm, you can secure essential supplies, form alliances, and contribute to community rebuilding efforts.

This knowledge not only safeguards your financial stability but also positions you as a resourceful member of your community, fostering cooperation and resilience.

Essential Items, Maneuvering Techniques, and Bottled-Water Management

Ensuring you have the right essential items during a blackout is paramount. Operation Blackout guides you through the meticulous selection of supplies, from reliable flashlights to comprehensive first-aid kits, equipping you to handle emergencies effectively.

Additionally, the guide imparts specific maneuvering techniques, crucial for navigating potentially perilous situations, especially if you find yourself in your vehicle during the attack. Moreover, understanding the nuances of bottled-water management is vital.

The guide educates you on calculating the right quantity, storing it appropriately, and ensuring it remains uncontaminated. These insights guarantee a stable and clean water supply, a fundamental necessity for your family’s survival.

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Shielding Electronic Devices and Transportation

One of the most vulnerable aspects during a blackout is electronic devices. The guide reveals innovative techniques like the “Broken Battery” Tweak to protect your modes of transportation and ensure mobility even in the absence of regular fuel sources.

Moreover, it provides alternative methods to shield your essential electronics, including cell phones, from the devastating effects of a nuclear attack, ensuring you stay connected and informed.

Strategic Resource Management

Managing resources effectively is essential for long-term survival. Operation Blackout offers insights on resource management, including food, water, and other necessary supplies. By understanding how to ration and utilize resources efficiently, you can ensure your family’s well-being throughout the blackout period.

Critical Communication Methods

Maintaining communication with loved ones and accessing vital information is critical in times of crisis. The guide introduces an Air Force One secret that safeguards your computers and cell phones from attacks, enabling uninterrupted communication and ensuring you can stay in touch with family and emergency services.

Protection Against Mobs and Security Measures

During a blackout, social order can deteriorate rapidly, leading to potential threats from mobs and desperate individuals. Operation Blackout provides valuable insights on how to protect your family without solely relying on firearms. By emphasizing alternative methods and security strategies, the guide empowers you to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Alternative Energy Solutions and HEMP-Proofing

Traditional generators may prove ineffective during prolonged darkness. The guide explores innovative ways to generate electricity, offering unlimited electricity solutions that don’t require expensive solar panels or backup generators.

Additionally, it introduces methods to create a HEMP-proof source of energy, ensuring you have a reliable power source even in the face of electromagnetic pulses.

Debunking Myths and Ignoring Criticism

Operation Blackout bravely confronts skepticism and criticism, offering a steadfast reassurance to those preparing for potential disasters. By debunking myths surrounding survival preparations, the guide dispels misconceptions and misinformation, ensuring readers are equipped with accurate, reliable knowledge.

Addressing doubts head-on, it provides evidence-based explanations, bolstering the confidence of individuals who might otherwise be deterred by skepticism. This section serves as a beacon of truth, reinforcing the importance of steadfast preparation and the critical need to ignore detractors.

In a world where misinformation can spread rapidly, Operation Blackout stands as a reliable source of truth, enabling readers to make well-informed decisions for the safety and security of their families.

Obtaining a “Super Phone” for Communication

In the blackout aftermath, communication becomes a lifeline, and Operation Blackout introduces a revolutionary concept – the “Super Phone.” This advanced communication device, utilizing cutting-edge NASA technology, ensures uninterrupted connectivity even when traditional carriers fail.

By procuring this specialized phone, readers gain access to critical updates, emergency services, and contact with loved ones. This technology, beyond the confines of major carriers, guarantees a robust communication network, essential for coordinating survival efforts.

The guide not only introduces the concept but provides practical steps for acquiring this lifeline. In a crisis, staying connected is paramount, and the “Super Phone” emerges as a game-changer, ensuring individuals are not isolated, providing a sense of security, and facilitating essential communication channels when they are needed most.

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Are There Any Bonuses Available On The Purchase Of Operation Blackout?

The Operation Blackout survival program, as mentioned earlier, comes with two complimentary bonuses that make the package a steal deal! Let’s have a closer look:

The Invisible Survival Garden

The Invisible Survival Garden, the first bonus ebook, teaches you how to sustain yourself and your family when the circumstances demand so. It is not your usual gardening guide but a comprehensive program that covers discreet techniques for ensuring a consistent supply of healthy food within your home.

How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress

The second bonus ebook is How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress which enlightens you on various protective measures for your residence. During emergency blackouts, your house is under potential threat and this ebook is just what you need to learn to safeguard it.

How Can You Reach Out To The Operation Blackout Team

You can reach out to the Operation Blackout team through various modes. For those who seek immediate support, there’s a dedicated phone line to get in touch with a knowledgeable executive. You can ping them at 1-888-689-6034. It is an efficient option if you have any concerns or queries related to the survival guide.

If you prefer written communication, you can also write to them at support@lastblackout.com. This will help you explain your issue in detail.

For those who prefer the traditional mode of communication, the mailing address of the company is provided hereunder:

4023 Kennett Pike, Ste 50405, Wilmington, DE 19807.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Operation Blackout?

Now that we have provided all the necessary information about the Teddy Daniels’ Operation Blackout program, let us evaluate its pros and cons. This will help you make the right choice.


  • The Operation Blackout survival guide enlightens you on various protective measures, tips, and tricks to overcome blackout scenarios.
  • Operation Blackout recognizes real-time experiences and has been compiled after thorough research. This boosts the program’s robust functionality.
  • It helps the users with effective resource management so they can store such essential supplies for prolonged use.
  • It assists in establishing dedicated communication networks so people can stay connected even during emergency blackouts.
  • While targeted for a specific cause, we strongly believe that these strategies can help prepare individuals for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Operation Blackout emerges as a risk-free deal with its 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Apart from its survival strategies, the guide also comes with two add-on bonus ebooks that offer more valuable strategies.


  • Some individuals may find these survival techniques overwhelming. It may induce anxiety or fear among the readers.
  • While the guide does help you minimize resource depletion, it may still require some investment to stockpile the essential supplies at first.

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Operation Blackout Reviews: Let’s See What The Users Of Operation Blackout Think

Our research and editorial team has carefully analyzed all the Operation Blackout reviews and we thought we would give you a glimpse!

One of the readers says, “I can’t believe I was turning into a clueless caveman! Thanks to Teddy Daniels and his survival program, I am now prepared for even a hemp attack!”

Another review says, “I can’t believe it was possible to survive extended power outages but the Operation Blackout program was an eye-opener! From resource management to establishing effective communication networks, it was quite a ride full of valuable strategies.”

Another customer states, “Implementing home security measures is a must for every household! When we recently faced a power cut, all the benefits of Operation Blackout finally came to life. My family was sitting carefree and we didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking in!”

The Operation Blackout program has evidently generated a large number of positive reviews. As you can see, most of the customers are happy with their purchase and don’t even want to consider the money-back guarantee. What makes Operation Blackout a popular choice among readers is how it goes into depth and breadth to help you out.

Moreover, users applaud that this guide is not only informative but also easy to implement. They also admire the deep concern and understanding that Teddy Daniels has shown for his nation and its citizens.

That’s why they trust this guide! And so should you.

In What Situations Can You Use Operation Blackout?

Here are a few instances in which the information provided in the Operation Blackout survival guide can help:

Natural Disasters and Power Outages

Operation Blackout serves as a vital resource during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or severe storms that can knock out power grids for extended periods.

Electronic Nuclear Attacks and National Emergencies

In the grim event of an electronic nuclear attack, a scenario the guide meticulously prepares you for, Operation Blackout becomes your ultimate lifeline. By shielding your electronics, managing resources efficiently, and understanding critical communication methods, you are equipped to survive the chaos ensuing from such an attack.

Moreover, during national emergencies or any unforeseen circumstances leading to prolonged blackouts, the guide’s insights ensure your family’s safety and well-being.

Social Unrest and Economic Instability

In times of social unrest, when law and order falter, Operation Blackout equips you to protect your family against potential threats. By emphasizing security measures beyond firearms and providing alternative methods, the guide ensures your loved ones remain safe.

Additionally, amidst economic instability, when traditional currencies lose value, the guide’s knowledge of “Blackout Currency” becomes indispensable, enabling you to navigate the altered economic landscape effectively.

Widespread Infrastructure Failures

In the face of widespread infrastructure failures, Operation Blackout’s guidance on creating a HEMP-proof energy source and managing essential items ensures your family’s resilience.

Concluding Remarks: Operation Blackout Review

During times of extended blackout, the Operation Blackout program will help you emerge as a warrior! It is not just a guide that contains only theoretical knowledge; but a comprehensive program that can improve your emergency preparedness for various circumstances.

Thanks to the prospective approach of Teddy Daniels, this program can help you overcome emergency blackouts when a crisis strikes the nation.

Various customers in their Operation Blackout reviews applaud the applicability and ease of these protective measures. So why should you miss out?

In conclusion, Operation Blackout will certainly turn out to be a valuable and fruitful investment so take that leap of faith and make your purchase right now!


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