The Genius Wave Reviews – Can You Trust Customer Benefits or Fake Official Website Claims?

The Genius Wave is a meditation program that helps consumers improve their ability to manifest success and profit in their personal lives. The routine takes just 7 minutes a day to get the desired benefits, allowing users to reset their ability to focus and relax.

What is The Genius Wave?

The incredible science behind meditation has started to finally show what proponents have said all their lives – that it works. With over 15,000 studies that show its benefits, the creators admit that the only way that most people get enough from it is by staying consistent as they engage in up to 40 minutes of meditation every day. Unfortunately, most of the courses on consistent meditation don’t address another factor in success – biofeedback.

Biofeedback allows consumers to get control of various functions by stimulating them electronically. When applied to meditation, consumers create a connection with their heart rate, breathing, and more. Unfortunately, the majority of this feedback comes from the stimulation that their brain gets, and most meditation routines don’t account for it.

The launch of the Genius Wave program makes it possible for consumers everywhere to use biofeedback, adjusting their ability to lose weight and be more than they imagined. Rather than going to an expensive session in person or buying a $7,000 biofeedback machine, they’ve managed to compress their program into an audio track. Users won’t need any special speakers to play it, and they won’t need to change anything else to get the benefits.

Meditation can take weeks to make a change in the mind, and consumers have to fervently push forward with their focus to rely on. If they don’t completely zero in on their goal, the meditation practice does nothing for them, leaving too much room for error. With The Genius Wave, consumers don’t even have to worry if they miss an entire day of meditation. Whenever they listen to the track, they get the support that they hoped for.

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How Does The Genius Wave Work?

The reason this program works is because it is strikingly different from other manifestation programs. It helps users deal with the universal cause of their ongoing issues by targeting a type of brain wave that they call the Genius Wave. The creators explain that most people have continually suppressed it throughout their lives, robbing them of the ability to manifest correctly.

The only way that consumers will have the opportunity to stimulate this brainwave is with meditation, waking up earlier, or using a biofeedback machine. Since these methods are either difficult or expensive, most consumers go their whole lives without stimulation, which means that other methods of manifestation are impossible to achieve.

To create the balance, consumers can listen to the audio track that the creators at the Genius Wave have created. The audio track provides consumers with the special soundwave that their brain needs to activate the brainwave. Using the soundwaves proved to be a long process, initially taking about an hour for activation. With the modifications that the creators made to concentrate the audio file, the entire experience only takes a commitment of 7 minutes a day.

Purchasing The Genius Wave

Consumers can purchase The Genius Wave through the official website. While the content that consumers receive is worth much more, the total cost of the program is just $39. The typical cost can be as high as $200, but online promotion makes it affordable for everyone.

Consumers who make this purchase will receive all of their content in digital format, pairing it with a few gifts that aren’t available anywhere else.

Free Gifts

  1. Consumers who decide to purchase access to The Genius Wave will get 3 bonuses that aren’t available anywhere else. The first of those bonuses is a guide called “The Secret Behind Attracting Money & Wealth.” In this guide, consumers learn about a 100-year-old method that will bring financial success to the user rather than having to seek it out.
  2. The second gift is a guide called Genius Visualization. In this guide, consumers get support from the same creators of the Calm App, helping users learn how to change their financial portfolio, romantic life, and overall happiness.
  3. The final gift is Create Your Ideal Future. In this guide, users will learn how to incorporate the most important habits that they should have to make their future better. Users can print out this content to view each day as they prepare for the day ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Genius Wave

Q. How does the Genius Wave exceed the results of other programs?

A. While other programs simply guide users through a specific meditation, the Genius Wave focuses on introducing biofeedback to change their lives.

Q. How long do users commit to the Genius Wave to see results?

A. Consumers will need to commit to 7 minutes of listening every day. They can use it to relax at the end of the night or tune into their mind during the day when they need to relax more effectively.

Q. What areas of the user’s life will improve with the Genius Wave?

A. Users will experience support for their finances, love life, health, and happiness with this daily habit.

Q. How do customers use the Genius Wave?

A. To get the benefits, consumers need to listen to the track. It can be downloaded onto the user’s smartphone or computer, and they won’t have to set anything else up. Consumers just need to listen, taking 7 minutes of their day to notice a change. Even if the user misses a day, they still benefit.

Q. How long do customers have to wait to see results?

A. Progress varies from person to person. The starting point is established by the level that the user’s Theta is deactivated already. Most users start to see new changes in their lives within the first few days, but some people have such an extreme reaction that they notice a difference within a few hours. Consumers continue to improve their benefits as they stick with the regimen, seeing long-term effects after several months.

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Q. Will the Genius Wave help consumers when they gamble?

A. While many people report feeling a new stroke of luck in many areas of their lives, there’s no proof that they will extend that luck to their casino trips.

Q. Will using the Genius Wave help users improve their finances or jobs?

A. Inherently, yes. Consumers who improve their Theta make it easier to focus, be creative, and increase the skills that they use in their jobs. Consumers who want to sleep better and stop stressing out about their relationships will have the path cleared for their minds, ensuring they focus better on their work.

Q. Will consumers be able to lose weight with the Genius Wave?

A. Possibly. Without the same stress, consumers don’t have the disease and inflammation susceptibility they ordinarily have. They create a healthier balance within the body, ensuring users have nothing to interrupt their weight loss progress. Activating the user’s Genius Wave helps ease joint pain, correct digestive issues, and improve the likelihood of weight loss.

Q. Can users pair the Genius Wave with yoga, meditation, and other healthy habits?

A. Yes. Consumers don’t have to include anything else if they want to just focus on the activation of Theta waves. However, if meditation and yoga make users feel better about themselves and bring joy, they can easily include them.

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Q. How long will users have to wait to get access to the Genius Wave?

A. Consumers can view all of the materials of the Genius Wave and its gifts within minutes of their original purchase. Users can start the regimen as soon as they load the content.

Q. Can consumers save on their purchase of the Genius Wave by buying it somewhere else?

A. No. These tracks can only be accessed from the official website.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. If the user finds that they don’t get the benefits they anticipated with the Genius Wave, they have up to 90 days to request a full refund for their order.

The customer service team can be reached for any other questions or concerns by emailing:

  • support@thegeniuswave.com


The Genius Wave helps consumers to improve their ability to manifest. The program is easy to use, only requiring the time it takes to listen to the file. Consumers won’t have to deal with the intense focus that meditation takes when they already struggle with their brainwaves. The Genius Wave program requires daily use, and consumers have a money-back guarantee to protect their purchase if It doesn’t meet their needs.

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