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Football team falls in final game of difficult season

The Vashon Pirates football team wrapped up its season last Friday night with another tough loss at home, this time to rival Charles Wright Academy,… Continue reading


It’s a Homecoming win for the Pirates

The Vashon Pirates football team got its first victory of the season last Friday night in a nailbiter of a win over Chimacum, and a… Continue reading


Pirates look ahead to Homecoming after loss to Cascade Christian

The Vashon Pirates football team continued its long season last Friday night in Sumner with a 50-0 loss to the number-one ranked Cascade Christian team.… Continue reading


The meaning of Christmas comes to life | Review

What is it about “A Christmas Carol?” We all know the story. We know how it ends. But somehow, when you are sitting there in the crowd and watching Tiny Tim, Ebeneezer Scrooge and all of their friends, it is impossible to avoid getting a lump in your throat. What a tremendous gift to remember the story at Christmastime, to remember to be grateful for what you have. And that gift is handled with great care by Drama Dock this season with its wonderful retelling of the popular story.

Vashon’s schools need the community’s support

I heard a fact earlier this year and it stuck with me. Ours is the first generation that will produce children less educated than their parents.

Growing up on Vashon: A chapter ends

For about 13 years now, I have been very blessed. I am one of the only people I know who gets to tell her parenting journey in ink.

A 9-year-old son officially enters the ranks of Vashon football

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. I love football.Now, the reason I have to say that upfront is because I know there are parents out… Continue reading

The demands of a daily commute put family life in a new perspective

It’s funny how perspectives change.For nine years, I have lived on the Island. I managed to cobble together a living running a business from my… Continue reading

Beloved Drama Dock director deserves community support

Tomorrow is my birthday. It is also the night we open Drama Dock’s “Oklahoma.” My youngest child and I are both in the show’s chorus. While it has been wonderful to finally have a chance to sing and dance with Will after doing so with his two older sisters, I do it with melancholy because the woman who started me on this path is taking a break.

Vashon 12-and-under softball finishes winning season

The Vashon Pirates girls’ 12-and-under fastpitch team wrapped up a memorable season last week with a tournament, where the team won two games and lost one.

When boys dance, they blossom

There are plenty of reasons that boys should dance.

Vashon High School’s ‘A Chorus Line’ needn’t ruffle feathers

Ours is a small pond. We know which kids imbibe and which couples are separating. It’s enough to make you pretty claustrophobic. Given this proximity, after a while, we decide it is easier on all concerned if we avoid shaking people up too much. After all, you’ll see them in Thriftway tomorrow. So I apologize in advance if I ruffle any feathers. Chalk it up to a 2010 goal to be a little less cognizant of feather-ruffling and more honest with folks.

The support of friends makes a world of difference

One of my best friends is fond of saying that there are friends who come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Third time’s the charm for Chautauqua’s Third-Grade Program

The other day, my kids and I were watching a video. But it wasn’t a video about Indiana Jones or some other fictional character. It wasn’t Playstation or Wii. It was my oldest child’s Third-Grade Program tape.

Even the middle school years can be wonderful for children

Middle school. Those two words alone are enough to strike fear in the hearts of mortal women everywhere. It was a scary time for many… Continue reading

For some parents, fall isn’t the most wonderful time of the year

Who ever thought a Staples commercial could be so controversial?

Remembering Michael Jackson at his best, as a young soprano

The other night, I was on my Facebook page. I pasted in a video clip of Michael Jackson, singing a beautiful rendition of “I’ll Be There” when he was a child. It made me feel better to watch him sing, to listen to the innocence of his beautiful boy soprano. I felt the need to reconnect with others who were blown away by news of his death. One person quickly responded to my Facebook post, and it shouldn’t have surprised me. It was my sister.

Saying a sad goodbye to Camp Fire

About eight years ago, we were preparing to move to Vashon Island from West Seattle. At the time, I didn’t know anyone over here and was nervous about making connections and leaving my full-time job in the city, let alone trying to make a living from home with kids who were 5, 3 and 9 months old.

PTSA auction should be a celebration for all

It’s hard to feel optimistic about the funding of our public schools these days.

There are those of us who like the roller coaster called life

I pretty much go through life quoting movies. You can find a lifetime’s worth of smarts in “When Harry Met Sally.” Don’t get me started on all of the wisdom in “The Wizard of Oz” or “It’s a Wonderful Life.” But ask any friend of mine about the movie I quote most frequently, and they’ll tell you this.