Free materials on the road side were meant to stay together

I put a bunch of stuff out by the road for people to take and enjoy. There was a set of bunk beds, with all the parts, ready for set up and use. It was stacked all together, by itself, with a note of what parts one needed to make the beds. Someone took one of the sets of side rails and some support slats out of the stack. When I learned that a coworker’s son and his cousin needed the beds, I went to move them from the rest of the stuff, and discovered the missing parts. Now, the slats can easily be replaced (though that is irritating…) but the side rails are specific to the beds.

This was a rude act. It was obvious that the beds were a set. The parts have been used, saved and used again over 50 years of ownership. One mean move, and careful stewardship is shot full of holes. What was meant to be a gift to someone who needed a fun place to sleep has become unusable pieces that cannot be fit together. I am totally disappointed. Two little boys cannot have a bunk bed set unless the side rails are returned. Replacements are almost beyond hope.

It makes one sorry for generosity offered.

— Debbie Butler

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