Granny’s Attic supports many important services

After the meetings and discussions, it seems that there is a pretty good consensus that we want to continue health care on the island. Yes, we have had some issues with the new providers or the systems we have encountered, but Neighborcare has been forthcoming in attempting to correct and make our experience better. I think they have done an admirable job.

Small clinics in small places often encounter big problems in regard to scale of service and efficiency. After being responsible for managing hospitals, large clinics and small clinics, I believe the small clinic takes the most work and has more problems with economies of scale. All said, I still think that a clinic is a possibility if the people of Vashon are willing to help financially. We all contribute and support many organizations on Vashon. What would our art, music, elders, animals, homeless, etc. be without your generous contributions? Which brings me to a point.

I was shopping at Granny’s the other day and walked by the window that looks into the volunteer space. On it was posted the grants to all the different organizations and the amounts they received. I was staggered. So many people benefit from the labor of Granny’s. I am bringing this up because in an op-ed, it was suggested that Granny’s monies be used for the clinic (“Granny’s Attic could solve health care funding problem,” Nov. 15). If that should occur, what happens to all the other programs that are held together by Granny’s funding?

I do agree that Vashon can fundraise. (We would need someone to take that on). With adequate support from Granny’s Attic, with the current unique assistance of Neighborcare Health and funding from a hospital district, we can continue to have health care on our island and Granny’s can continue to support other agencies. Come to further meetings to discuss our options.

— Carol Ireland McLean, NP, former clinic and hospital administrator for Kaiser and Group Health

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