Letters to the editor | Dec. 30 edition

Islanders write in about recent coverage about coyotes in The Beachcomber.


Article missed mark

This is regarding The Beachcomber’s article about coyotes on Vashon on Dec. 16.

I was disappointed with two things about how the article was presented. First was the alarmist title, “Community raises questions about coyotes,” which conveys that there is widespread alarm regarding these animals. The second was that the real information was left to page three — explaining why individuals might be seeing more of them (including the two people quoted in the article), and which indicates that there is no explosion of the coyote population and makes common-sense recommendations to people wanting to discourage their presence in a particular location.

I expect better from our local paper. I live above Ellis Creek Gorge where there are apparently multiple packs in residence. The fact that they can thrive in the natural spaces on our island is one of many factors that make me feel good about living here. The occasional sounds of their evening howls (which every dog within a mile subsequently joins in!) is just one of those perks of living here.

— Mike Dawson