Letters to the Editor | Feb. 22 edition

A reader writes in about the Senior Center.


Anyone can get involved

Thank you, Alex and Liz, for your very descriptive articles on activities at the Vashon Senior Center. (“Senior Center offers valentines, robots, and more in February,” Feb. 1 edition, page 5; “For Maria Glanz, leading senior center is a labor of love,” Feb. 15 edition, page 5.) I especially liked the box with current events under the article last week.

I am an elder, active in supporting the arts and enhancing the land, and a member and a volunteer at the Senior Center.

They accomplish amazing things with the little bit of resources they have. I tried to arrange a ride for a friend in Tacoma, and the senior centers in Tacoma don’t do that! I came home with even more gratitude for our senior center.

We on Vashon are very supportive of our nonprofits. But only a very small percentage of that support goes to the seniors, a demographic we have more of than the rest of King County.

Anyone can join the Senior Center to support them. You don’t have to be over 55. They need your money and your name to add to their list of members when they apply for grants. You can get active and go for lunch and activities or volunteer, or just offer your support and your name: www.vashoncenter.org/contribute-1.

Jane Neubauer