Letters to the Editor | Jan 4 edition

Readers write in with an apology and a correction.


A message to the community

As a new rotation around the sun is in its primary stage, I would like to submit a massive apology to all the people who have overheard any of my foul language outbursts.

I have lost control several times in the past year, often after witnessing traffic violations, despite commonly committing roadway infringements personally. My self-condemnation is most significant when children are impacted. There’s no reason why anyone else’s daily learning routine should be bombarded by a barrage of my uncouth language.

I have come to understand that people with traumatic brain injuries, myself included, have more common outbursts. While one might assume I use this as a safety cloak, it is not a viable excuse because untainted minds were made impure by my language.

Now the best I can do is say I’m sorry, and endeavor with all my understanding capabilities, to quell these tantrums in the future. I am aware that this statement is merely words. My actions will show what modifications have come to be.

(Just to clarify, I’m the Korean-American man who had a skateboarding accident 13 years ago.)

Daniel Haag

Daniel Haag suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from a 2010 skateboarding accident. The Beachcomber has covered the well-known islander’s recovery from his injury.


Correcting a passage in The Beachcomber

The Vashon Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness (IFCH) has been providing and sponsoring the free community meals for many years. Before the pandemic the meals were served at the various churches along Vashon Highway. The pandemic made us consolidate and provide take out meals only. The Methodist Church generously opened their kitchen to us.

In December 2022 there was a mishap with IFCH’s meal program and the Methodist Church told us we were no longer welcome. We were not allowed to fix the problem. The Presbyterian Church immediately welcomed IFCH’s meals program and encouraged us to go back to indoor seating. Leigh Weber, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, has been very supportive of these community meals. With a mix of indoor dining and take out we have surpassed our pre-pandemic numbers of meals served, serving more people each month. Just last month we served 382 meals, our highest number yet.

The article in The Beachcomber, “Vashon United Methodist Church will be new home for Food Bank, family services” stated “the programs will augment a church that already offers free meals…” I want to correct this statement. The Methodist Church does not offer free community meals. All IFCH’s weekday free community meals are held at the Presbyterian Church, Monday – Friday from 5-6pm. We now have 17 teams providing hot nutrition dinners. All are welcome.

Hilary Emmer, IFCH Board President

A correction in regards to the article cited in this letter appears in this edition.