James Warren acquitted of attempted first-degree murder

Jurors in the case heard from both sides during last week’s trial.

Islander James Warren has been acquitted — found not guilty — in a jury trial in which prosecutors sought to convict him of attempting to kill another islander.

The jury acquitted Warren on Sept. 11.

Prosecutors had alleged that Warren had attempted to kill a fellow islander, Duncan Mayshark, during a stabbing attack on Feb. 9, 2023. Prosecutors said that the evening before, Warren had asked to stay at Mayshark’s house.

Sometime after Mayshark had “nodded out” to sleep or a sleepy-state, prosecutors said, Mayshark said he was struck in the head with a knife and saw Warren standing over him, who allegedly continued assaulting him even as Mayshark tried to flee.

But a memo written by the defense and reviewed by The Beachcomber instead described Mayshark as the aggressor in the confrontation, adding that “Mr. Warren was shocked at the attack and defenseless” and that he had wielded the kitchen knife to swing back at Mayshark in defense.

According to both accounts by prosecutors and defense attorneys, Warren and Mayshark had used drugs together the night of the incident.

Jurors in the case heard from both sides during last week’s trial. According to a special verdict form, those jurors found that Warren proved he had acted in self-defense.

“We, the jury, find the defendant James Kevin Warren not guilty of the crime of Attempted Murder in the First Degree as charged,” reads the final verdict form.

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