Futsal World Cup is a wrap: England takes the trophy

“Boy, these kids really play with passion,” said Frank Gallagher, head referee.

Who would think that the English, a team in tatters just a few weeks ago, would rally to find their form and win the 2023 Vashon High School World Cup Futsal Championship?

But it was so.

As always, teams were formed representing different countries in the local annual tournament to determine champions in the indoor soccer game.

Team England started the evening, on Sunday, Feb. 12, with a semi-final match that almost cleared the bleachers in its intensity as the team took down favored Morocco 3-3 in penalty kicks.

“Boy, these kids really play with passion,” said Frank Gallagher, head referee.

In the other semi-final, Argentina took apart the conservative Brazilian defense in a strategic match of wills. Maxwell Escame was instrumental as the high forward for Brazil, but the Argentinians, in the end, were just too much. While the win was impressive, it came at a cost, when Rowan Marceau-Roache went down with an injury and had to miss the final match.

And in the final match, it was the composure and positioning of England that had the South Americans just hanging their heads and wondering what was the number of the bus that hit them. Well done England — it is about time you won some hardware!

In the Toilet Bowl match, between the 5th and 6th place teams in the contest, it was a Cinderella story, with the Netherlands crawling out of the basement to win the tiny trophy.

The Netherlands never gave up and played hard against a tough Portugal team for the consolation cup. Perhaps it was the anchoring return of Ferdie Escovedo, or the sharp-shooting skills of Olivia Boyes, Lila Cohen and Hanifa Khadir that did it, but something lit a fire under this Dutch squad.

Well done everyone — now get back to your studies and we’ll see you all in 2024.