‘Timeless tradition’ of futsal is alive and kicking on Vashon

The high school indoor soccer league is headed for its last week of regular play with all teams mathematically still in the race.

The high school indoor soccer league is headed for its last week of regular play with all teams mathematically still in the race.

The big news of the week was third-place Brazil picking up the torch (where Portugal failed in week three), to take down the top seed Morocco in week four.

The Brazilians kept in a conservative defensive position and then countered quickly with goals scored by Lennon Hinz and Evan Serebryakov in their 4-3, come-from-behind victory.

“It was not pretty, but what we needed to do to get the win,” said the Brazilian midfielder, Oscar Lopez, after the match.

Morocco still leads the league with 30 points and has all but cinched a playoff bid.

“The success is all a bit surprising,” says Sayan Pernick, the sophomore responsible for a team of talented high school freshmen on the North-African side. “It has been a fun run, so far…we hope to do well in the final weeks.”

Now in second place, Argentina bounced back from a devastating loss to England (6-4) in week three, who took care of the Netherlands soundly in week four (10-7).

Argentina will play Morocco to determine the top seed going into to tournament weekend. The combination of Rowan Marceau-Roache and Nick Zuckerman makes this South American side a threat to go all the way.

The Brazilians are in third place and will play a tough Portuguese team in the final week of regular play.

Ozzie Tanner, a Vashon High School goalkeeper, has re-joined the Brazilian squad after two weeks of being on the injured-reserved list.

But Portugal may be able to play the spoiler in week five and push Brazil out of the championship bracket.

“This game is so surprising, this Portugal team is so good — I expect them to win every game,” said the tournament director.

However, it will be the week five match between the English youngsters (high school freshmen) and The Netherlands that will determine who gains the last berth into the playoffs and who plays in the Toilet Bowl against Portugal.

This game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb 5, at the McMurray gym.

“I remember playing futsal as a little kid, and every Sunday it’s like I’m being transported back — there really is nothing like laughing and kicking a ball around with your friends. Futsal feels like a timeless Vashon tradition,” said Lila Cohen, of the Dutch side.

Finals weekend will include the following schedule on Feb. 12:

  • 4 p.m. — Championship Semi-Finalists (McMurray & Chautauqua gyms)
  • 5:15 p .m. — Toilet Bowl (5th vs. 6th place)
  • 6:30 p.m. — World Cup Championship Match Finals (winners of the semi-finals)

Come out to the matches, and cheer on the kids.