Henry was taken without ample notice

“I would like to inform the general readership about what really happened.”

I am responding to an article in last week’s Beachcomber (“Runaway dog taken back by adoption agency,” March 7.)

Some of you already know the details of Henry’s repossession by Collar of Hope. I would like to inform the general readership about what really happened.

I did not call Collar of Hope. I called the foster mom to enlist her help. She told me she would not tell Collar of Hope. She offered advice.

After his capture, I gave permission to have him at “the other home” for three days. After that, I wanted my Henry back in my home. I stated this daily to the parties involved.

Various scenarios were presented to me on the possibilities of Henry escaping again. I received “the interim recovery treatment plan,” which was covering the next three weeks with Henry being in “the other home.” This plan was developed with input from various sources, among them “multiple guardians of dogs from the same feral/hoarding situation.” Collar of Hope had three other dogs from that hoarder.

I objected to the three-week plan and told “the other home” that I wanted to have Henry back. I decided to wait for daytime on Monday. Big mistake.

Henry was taken back by Collar of Hope on Monday, Feb. 25, early in the morning. He was taken from “the other home” without anyone alerting me to what was about to happen.

Someone gave the address of “the other home” to Collar of Hope, and arrangements had to be made before Monday early morning. Collar of Hope could have interpreted Henry’s absence from my home as having him “re-homed” and VIPP’s involvement as “seen on another venue,” which according to my contract, gave them the right to take him. I am devastated. That little dog captured my heart and he is still hanging on.

— Karin Debelius

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