LETTER: NATO too interested in alliance with Turkey

On Jan. 20, the Turkish state invaded the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria with aid from al Qaeda and ISIS fighters. The Turkish state’s history of committing genocide, assassinating and jailing of anyone who criticizes majority party positions, and history of supporting jihadists, would make it clear that the Turkish president Erdogan intends to conduct ethnic cleansing in North Syria. He indicated this by clearly stating he would return the historically Kurdish region to its “rightful owners,” which in his warped view are foreign jihadists who are currently plunging the region into a living hell.

Yet, the rest of NATO does nothing to prevent this massacre.

I suspect it is due to the West’s imperialistic want for any random jihadist group to oust Assad, or also because Kurds have expressed willingness to co-exist with Assad under conditions that render Assad’s brutal dictatorship ineffective without ousting Assad.

The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, which as an idea started with historically oppressed Kurdish groups, has fought to build a new self administration that is structured on equal representation, pluralism, democracy and secularism. They did this all while fighting against the worst kinds of oppression from ISIS. So I am sure they will continue to defend themselves however they can. When I was in Syria, many Kurds had told me things like, “Without equality, there is no freedom,” and “We are fighting not just for equality between individuals, but between individuals and the state.” They truly believe in liberation.

NATO however, seems more interested in believing in maintaining an outdated alliance with the Turkish state sponsor of terrorism rather than supporting a society that wants liberation from domination.

So, via the tanks and jets being supplied to Turkey from NATO … surprise … every NATO state is a terror state.

— Kevin Price

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