LETTER: Rein in a growing population

Here on Vashon, we have a number of progressive NGOs (non-government organizations). On the surface, they seem noble. Mostly, they stand for immigrant rights. At a recent meeting of Indivisible Vashon, (Sept. 12) I had the honor and privilege to ask: Will Indivisible Vashon impress on American citizens to have fewer children so we have room for immigrants? The response was an emphatic no.

I don’t know of a political party that stands for Stop Population Growth. Clearly, homo sapiens have a biology problem. Just because a species is at the top of the food chain doesn’t mean it’s intelligent.

The homo sapiens create God in their own image so as to justify greed and arrogance. Indeed, a lot of religions encourage their followers to procreate. The resulting mass divides into political parties. I believe liberal progressives use poverty to get votes. The Republicans use Christianity.

Homo sapiens are truly amazing animals; they Lust Over Virtually Everything (LOVE). By doing so they blind themselves of their impact on the ecosystem on which they depend. Not only are they wreckless about killing plants and animals, but they’re also often happy to antagonize and kill their own kind.

As long as homo sapiens fail to solve their biology problem, the social and environmental injustice will intensify the fight over what’s left. Be prepared for the next civil war; it will likely be genocidal. By then immigrant rights won’t matter.

— Jeff Schnelz

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