Letters to the Editor

Local businesses

Vashon has some of the best

Whew! It was good to be back on the Rock after a busy day of client meetings in Kenmore, Redmond and West Seattle, but leaving on the 8:45 p.m. boat didn’t allow for a quick stop at Thriftway, and the thought of retreating to a cold house in search of odds and ends wasn’t appealing. So I headed to Gusto Girls, grateful for the consistent “Open Late” sandwich-board sign prominently displayed outside.

Imagine my surprise to enter an empty restaurant. I dined on their simply divine Chicken Gorgonzola entree (with their scrumptious vegetable of the night: kale like your mother never made) after feasting on my favorite appetizer — portabella mushroom. I felt like a queen, having the place to myself with so many servers!

Sitting at the bar, I got to know Ben, a new transplant to Vashon who left a high-end restaurant in the Green Lake area. He managed to bring his wife and child to a rural lifestyle and the excellent choices of schools our Island offers. As I finished with a dessert I didn’t need, I pondered how I could have dined at a multitude of late supper establishments between Kenmore and West Seattle, but you know, there is something about coming “home” to a place where you are greeted by your first name and and still treated to customer service as if you’re in the big city.

But hey, Vashon, the “girls” Jessica and Kristen can’t stay in business with only one patron from 9:30 to 11 p.m.! Let’s support our local businesses in the darker winter months so they are there for us year round. Bon appétit!

Karen du Four des Champs


Calls for help went unanswered

I called Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) three times in October to try and get help for a 7-year-old un-neutered male dog to get fixed, and not once did I get a call back. Fair Isle Animal Clinic gave me a quote of $385. I can’t afford that.

I gave a home to this dog, and I couldn’t find a home for him other than mine.

I am not mad at VIPP. I feel like I have supported them for the past 12 years since I moved here. I have dogs; I wish I could help or save all dogs or educate most people about their dogs. But not getting a call back after leaving three messages in less than a month is not good, and I cannot support VIPP.

Robert Ortega

K2 Commons

What about water at the site?

In light of the news about the potential “community” development and reuse of the K2 buildings and property, it is time to ask King County Water District 19 how the three water shares that come with the property can be used, because this will be a change of use and new requirements for water service. How will the demand for water be determined; will it be former K2 usage? Building and renovation permits will require water district 19 approvals.

We are all aware of the battle by another property owner who has eight water shares and wants to re-distribute to build a hotel. His current and future projected usage is a drop in the bucket compared to K2’s usage.

Will the water district address this is-sue or try to avoid it as long as they can?

Stan Cruse

Law enforcement

Officer provided poor civil service

Last Friday, Dec. 7, we had a wonderful open house/Christmas parade/tree lighting night on our beautiful Island.

After the crowds had subsided, I attempted to get to my place of business. In doing so, I encountered an off-duty sheriff stationed at the north end of town near the “road blocked” sign.

Without going into details about my experience, I can say that our meeting was extremely negative and inappropriate. I have filed a complaint against the officer, since the type of civil service he offers to Vashon Island is, in my opinion, unacceptable and undesirable.

I know that I am not the only person who experienced this officer stationed on the north side of town near Gorsuch Road. I am interested in talking with anyone else who may have had a negative meeting with him; my phone number is 351-7772. I am hopeful that others will file complaints against him in order to keep him off our Island.

Sue Carette

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