Volunteers needed for meets

The help of many people will be required to host a meet on the island.

At long last, Vashon High School will be able to host a track meet. The mud, the standing water, the lumpy footing of the old track are all gone. The new track, made possible by the blessed voters of Vashon, is as unlike that soggy, old oval as it is possible for 400 meters to be. Its precisely marked and measured lanes are set on a beautiful, slightly springy artificial surface. It is fast. Above all, it is dry. If ever it rains for 40 days and 40 nights, Noah and his son’s mile relay team would have perfectly dry feet. Every athletic team on Vashon that uses this new facility is indebted to the voters who made it a reality. But the track community is really, truly, super-duperly grateful. Our kids can now train on the track and fantastic field event venues in ways that were formerly impossible. The VHS and McMurray kids are so excited, and so are the coaches. Thank you!

But we still need your help. Beyond the fun and drama of the competition, track meets are about gathering data. How fast, how high, how far were those performances? Were they done without fouls? The multi-ring circus that is track and field is great fun to watch, but the help of many people is required to host a meet. We need to find 30 volunteers to host three VHS and two McMurray meets this season. The skills needed to officiate are quickly and easily learned. We’d ask prospective volunteers to spend 30 minutes with us at practice to train for several events. We would especially welcome volunteers who would consider committing to help with all five meets. No prior experience is necessary. Join us. It is going to be great.

Please respond to vashonhstrackfield@gmail.com. See also Vashon Island High School Track & Field on Facebook.

— Todd Pearson

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