Letters to the Editor

Not all slices are created equal

I will only purchase pizza from the two places that are run by locals who I know and love.

  • Aug 21, 2019

8 of 9 candidates say they will forgo pay, insurance

Some voters have expressed concern over how property taxes would be used to compensate commissioners

  • Aug 21, 2019

Vote ‘yes’ for island parks

A recent letter to the editor implied that all of the island’s parks were in the King County system.

  • Aug 21, 2019

Affordable housing: Community-based solution is possible

With respect, a few quick clarifications in response to Gordon Quinlan’s letter (“New development will provide decent, peaceful housing,” Aug. 1). Vashon-Maury Islands have the… Continue reading

  • Aug 14, 2019

Downsizing: Let’s try new approach to auctions

After a lifetime of accumulating, most of my generation is intent on simplifying, downsizing, unloading, disgorging —simply getting rid of stuff. What really does interest… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2019

Donations to church will go to good cause

A big shout out to the folks who parked their cars and sat on chairs at the Vashon Presbyterian Church for the Strawberry festival parade.… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2019

Side of the road is not the place for castoffs

Debbie Butler complained about missing pieces that were taken from a disassembled bunk bed left on the side of the road. Her letter stated, “This… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2019

Changing Vashon: New eateries are for the affluent

I applaud the success of “Destination Vashon.” Mission accomplished. You have created a nice place to visit, but a hard place for year-round, fixed-income residents… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2019

County park levy will help Vashon

The popularity of trails is exploding on Vashon and across the country. This is good thing. People who walk trails are happier, healthier and more… Continue reading

  • Aug 1, 2019

Unofficial mayor candidate: Thanks for supporting VIPP

This letter is to thank all the individuals and businesses that supported my candidacy for unofficial mayor on the VIPP ticket. This support allowed me… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2019

Free materials on the road side were meant to stay together

I put a bunch of stuff out by the road for people to take and enjoy. There was a set of bunk beds, with all… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2019

Plane Noise: Choose Port candidates carefully

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Port of Seattle have created flight paths for SeaTac airport that make Vashon a runway “approach” for hundreds of… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2019

New housing development will provide decent, peaceful housing

Mr. Lukoskie’s concept of 40 affordable cottages scattered around the island is inspiring (“Affordable housing calls for creative solutions,” July 25). And I hope he… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2019

Can we confine fireworks to one day?

The holiday from July 2 to July 7 was expectedly painful and too terrifying for one of my dogs, and of course I’m angry when… Continue reading

  • Jul 24, 2019

Telescopes: Building equipment free to good home

As a physics teacher, I have built many telescopes with my students. When I came to Vashon four years ago, I continued to do so… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019

Forest Stewards’ mill benefited the island

I’m deeply disappointed by the news that a suitable place could not be found or created for a valuable island resource, the Vashon Forest Steward’s… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019

Water District 19 operators join union

Greetings. It is my pleasure to inform this community that the waterworks operators of Water District 19 have decided to exercise their right to join… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019

County talks comprehensive plan, climate change

When I read the headline “County talks comprehensive plan,” (July 11), I didn’t realize that the article would be all about bulkheads, setbacks and building… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019

Citizens must defend their rights

During a political discussion, I was once told I must be from another universe. An astute observation. I do feel like a stranger in a… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019

Hot dogs at Strawberry Festival?

Hot pavement will burn your dog’s feet.

  • Jul 10, 2019