Parents of t-baller impressed with league | Vashon Letters to the Editor

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Island supports its players

As the annual tradition of the youth baseball season nears conclusion, a reflection of what it takes to make this annual tradition such a success is in order.

As parents of a first-time participant in the youth T-ball league, we were thoroughly impressed with the Vashon Youth Baseball and Softball league from the opening day jamboree to these final days of the season.

The jamboree reinforced our belief that we are truly lucky to be able to live and raise our children in such a supportive community. On opening day we witnessed the highly energized and proud players wearing the name of the sponsoring local business on their caps. We saw dozens of volunteers who had committed to spending countless hours teaching and mentoring these young players. We also saw hundreds of fans who showed up to cheer for these players and volunteers.

The people who work to make these types of activities a success in our community deserve thanks. We would like to thank two individuals whom we had the pleasure of watching develop not only the players’ physical skills needed to master the sport of baseball, but much more importantly develop the children’s understanding of teamwork.

Coaches David Prouse and Jeff Cunningham of the Prouse Construction Cougars helped these young players develop the confidence they needed to grow. They never missed an opportunity to deliver a high five and compliment their players for the job they had done.

The pleasure we enjoyed watching these young players smile after they made the perfect throw or hit the ball and ran down the first-base line, and on rare occasion, the third-base line, was invaluable.

— Mark and Lisa Radford

Sparse turnout discouraging

On June 8 at the high school, fewer than one in a hundred Vashon residents showed up to listen to a candidate for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s seat in Congress.

While not surprising for a purely California issue, this sparse showing for an issue of national survival was an ominous sign for Vashon’s future. National survival is at risk because Speaker Pelosi is leading the House in continuing support for a war that is destroying Iraq and, in the process, is changing the meaning of the United States flag.

Reason enough to want to have heard candidate Sheehan? Of course, so what’s going on here, let’s hear it, men, women, why do we protect Pelosi?

Well, don’t trouble to respond, because I know why; we think having a Democratic House is more important than stopping the war.

We are wrong, and Sheehan is right.

— Tom Herring