A new offering comes to Nashi Orchards, just in time for summer

Nashi Orchard has recently launched its “Hana” series, a non-alcoholic line of beverages.

Just a short distance from the center of town is Nashi Orchards, an award-winning perry and cider producer.

While islanders may be familiar with Nashi’s line of perries and ciders made from the Vashon-grown Asian and European pears, and heirloom apples, islanders and visitors alike will now have a new option to try when visiting Nashi Orchards’ tasting room.

Nashi Orchard has recently launched its “Hana” series, a non-alcoholic line of beverages. The first available in the series is the Korean Giant sparkling perry, with two additional non-alcoholic releases slated for fall 2022.

According to Nashi co-owners Cheryl Lubbert and Jim Gerlach, the idea to offer non-alcoholic offerings came when they had children visit their Vashon tasting room and were looking for items to offer their youngest guests.

Lubbert and Gerlach wanted to find an engaging, inclusive option. They began offering “flights for kids” that had non-alcoholic offerings from other producers, but wanted to make something that they made themselves.

“What better to just come out with a pure, sparkling perry?” said Lubbert.

The non-alcoholic sparkling perry is 100% Korean Giant Pear juice, with no added flavoring.

“Its elegant, clean flavor profile is ideal for simply sipping over ice with a squeeze of lemon,” said Gerlach.

The non-alcoholic perry is also ideal for those who want to have an elegant drink without drinking alcohol, added Lubbert.

“The low or no alcohol trend in beverages is great for those who are focused on wellness or drinking less alcohol,” said Lubbert. “However, the Hana series is crafted to be a great addition to cocktails and mocktails.”

The new addition at Nashi is available for purchase at their Vashon tasting room, located at 16906 107th Ave SW, select retailers throughout the Puget Sound, and Nashi Orchard’s website.

Lubbert anticipates the summer season at Nashi Orchards to be busy, especially as air travel prices climb and those around the area may plan more local trips or staycations.

Nashi Orchard’s tasting room, Lubbert added, has a great outdoor space to relax and be distanced. The space also includes a fire pit, lawn games and a pastoral setting complete with Nashi’s St. Croix sheep.

Nashi Orchards is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m. Find out more at nashiorchards.com.

Note: Enjoy the following with Nashi Orchard’s new non-alcoholic offering.

Summer Sparkling Pear Mocktail

Courtesy Nashi Orchards

Prepare in a goblet or Old Fashioned glass

1) Squeeze 1/4 of a small lemon

2) 1/4 tsp. of ginger juice

3) Fill glass with ice

4) Top glass with 6 oz. of Nashi Orchards Sparkling Perry

5) Gently stir with lemongrass

6) Garnish with a lemon twist